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    Strange problem...

    I've built a new computer and set up my Treo 680 on it. But now the Treo does not charge using the factory included USB cord until I power on the Treo or press the sync button. Then it charges completely.

    Not a huge problem, I know, but still annoying. Is there any fix for this?

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    Make sure you comp is full on, not booting.

    if your Treo is off and it's connecting, turn on your power on the treo.

    If it still doesn't charge, unplug and plugg it back in.
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    Huh? That's what I'm doing now.

    I want it to power up when I plug it in... without having to turn it on.

    And no, the computer is not booting up when I plug it in.
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    I have exactly the same problem on a factory Mac Powerbook G4. I just live with it but would love to know if there is a fix.
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    Not all USB ports are alike. Be sure that they are USB 2.0 and push 500 milliamps. I don't use a Mac, but your best bet on a PC is USB0, on the back attached to the motherboard, or a powered USB hub.
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    I think it's just poor cable design. & I use a good powered USB hub and my 680's charging light only comes on half the time.

    however, someone here once suggested that charging the battery with the synch cable tends to put the calibration out of kilter (the charge-until-green-then-unplug-and-it-reads-95% phenomenon) and since I stopped charging with the synch cable I haven't had that problem.

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