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    some bacground first: I got my 755 last april. at that point I was able to access my company's owa site and managed to set versamail to sync with exchange. I would get my inbox and calendar.
    As everyone knows, versamail only gets the main folder and not the sub folders. Therefore, I decided to keep the calendar events only and periodically check email via owa.
    Around August I was no longer able access owa. Blazer plainly does not load up the page and give an error. I tried adding email to my sync process but it failed. I removed the account, reset the phone and tried creating the account once again. However, this time I came to find out that it would no longer sync any email or the calendar that used to work properly.
    Thinking this was only an issue with me I checked 2 of my friends access with their centro and they were unable to get their email. Furthermore, they could also not access owa via blazer. My other recently converted 755 friend could not get exchange to connect or owa via blazer.
    I've not tried any other browsers but it is pretty clear that palm/blazer cannot access our owa page. The page is not set up in any special manner. I can access it instantly via a windows mobile device and all my friends with BB or WM get their email very nicely.
    My local IT team says nothing has been changed on limiting owa access.

    So what gives?! Am I the only one this has happened to? I've searched but have not found other similar issues.
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    have you tried clearing our your cache in blazer? maybe you got an error once and thats whats sticking in your memory?

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