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    I'm cleaning my Centro out to gain some space, and I have _ButDebug taking up 1745K of my space. Does anyone know what _ButDebug is for?

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    Those _xxxxxdebug files are usually dumped into the RAM by an app you installed. They are typically streaming files.

    You can delete them. If they reappear, you can use a file manager and go into it's attributes and disable 'Streaming' and enable 'Read only' so it won't send any info out.

    You'll have to figure out what you installed to get the _Butdebug file. I don't have that on my Sprint Centro....

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    It just occured to me, that _Butdebug probably belongs to Hobbyist Butler app. I don't use Butler, but I use Initiate Launcher and it dumps a _I8debug file into the RAM.

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    Thanks for the replies treotraveler. I did a Google search, and found that it came with my Butler app.

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    I wonder why it get's so big, though. Mind has gotten to 3MB at one point and it seems to cause no harm to delete it (but comes back...gradually getting bigger). Rob @ Hobbyist, are you listening?
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    My _Butdebug file is only 480k. I'm not sure what contributes to the varied sizes, but I asked Rob @ Hobbyist about this a couple of months ago and he said the file can be deleted. As acousticbiker mentions, it will come back so you just need to check the size periodically.
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    I think my grandfather had something like that but he didn't have a Palm.

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