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    hey guys

    my first post/thread

    Just got a treo 700p refurbed with everything it would have new for $99+shipping.

    Iv always wanted a Palm PDA, but now iv got a Decent PDA/Cell Phone mix which is awesome.

    Anyways since i got this phone as the same price as a cheapy razr, flipphone, EnV, etc. i want to take advantage of it. Internat Email MP3 player, Microsoft Works etc etc. I noticed Data Plans. Not prices though, but i know they exist.
    I have a tiny ebay business and am going to college and use internet a ton(for productive work). How do i get WiFi?

    Thats something really important for me. and would be great.
    I think iv read pages and have seen 'hacks' mentioned.. Iv also seen a WiFi card on for the 700's and others.

    What do i need?

    Thank you
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    For WIFI on a 700p, locate and purchase an Enfora WIFI sled.

    WIFI card drivers on a Palm OS phone is not supported. Hence, you will an Enfora WIFI sled.....

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    $90 for wifi (used on ebay) with enfora sled.

    looks good.

    no way in hell will i pay for a data plan.
    too young and dont need it.

    thanks for the input
    (sucks the sled is so bulky.....)
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    I thought the sled only worked on the 650?
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    thatz what i thought also, maybe some1 who knows more can shed some light on this...
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    It looks neat, it would be nice if it worked on the 700p. It would be even better if it was a little slimmer.
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    Looks like treotraveler has a 700p so he/she should know if it works or not.
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    typed from treo..I found an excellent product on is made by is the phs-300..battery operated wifi just plug treo usb in one end..and wifi b/g pumps out automagically out of this very small is a little pricey at 180$ but worth it..treo evdo wifi to itouch and iphone is sweet..just a tip..
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolgreany View Post
    Looks like treotraveler has a 700p so he/she should know if it works or not.
    Just because he/she has a 700P doesn't mean he/she also has the sled. He/she could have just mentioned the sled without knowing it was made for the 650.

    Found this post elsewhere:

    Hi folks,

    Just wanted to let you know that AJ and I have gotten together to see if the new beta driver for the Enfora sled would work with the 700p, since it works with the 680 (albeit not perfectly).

    Sadly, the sled does not work with the 700 at all. My Treo didn't even detect the sled being plugged in.

    Looks like 700p owners are going to have to look for an alternate source of WiFi access!
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    Quote Originally Posted by student4690 View Post
    hey guys

    How do i get WiFi?
    I know this isn't exactly the answer you were expecting, but you can set up a bluetooth internet connection from any Windows PC with an internet connection and bluetooth. It requires a little setup work, isn't quite as fast as WiFi, but may be worth it for your situation as you don't need to buy anything for your Treo.

    Check this out:

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    HOW ABOUT wifi sled speed Vs real Wifi on PPC ??

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