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    I sure hope someone can help with this:

    I have a 755P and am using EAS to get my corp. email, calendar,etc...The issue I am having is that the phone will not stay connected. Either to Power Vision or EAS. I have the option to receive items as they arrive but will have to do a manual sync to get anything. Half the time when I do a manual sync I have to re-connect to Power Vision before syncing with EAS.

    Is there a fix for this? VERY frustrating . Thanks!
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    I don't have an answer yet on this but don't worry your not alone.. we use EAS here at my office and my phone stays connected to it pretty much 100% of the time but my co-workers phone doesn't just like yours. It will connect and get mail but he has to continually hit his sync button. I'm the owner/operator of my exchange server so I know its not on the server side. I have tried everything from deleting his account and recreating to hard resetting his phone and nothing seems to help. I'm still trying stuff and will report back if I find anything.
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    I have a different issue, but seems slightly similar.

    Instead of getting alerts telling me I have mail, I get alerts telling me to manually sync VM with EAS. When I try it says no valid pw is entered (it forgets my password). So I have to manually re-enter my pw and then sync. Happens a lot.
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    papped .. okay that is the exact same message he gets sometimes, but if he manually syncs again it will work .. I think all these problems are very related.
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    Yeah the functionality problem sounds the same.

    The funny thing is, if you get a message saying you need to sync your phone, that means you are at least somewhat connected to EAS, because it is telling you when you need to sync to get new emails/contacts/etc.

    If you did not get a sync warning at all, that would mean you aren't connected to EAS at all.

    The only difference is that mine doesn't remember the pw when I try to log in and his does. But the failure sounds very similar.
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    They do sound like similar issues. Hopefully something can be done to fix. It sounds minor but is very frustrating as time goes on.
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    I began having a similar issue this afternoon. Out of the blue, my Treo was no longer Auto Syncing. Add to that the fact that the Auto Sync and Alerts sections somehow magically disappeared all together from the Preferences menu. After deleting and setting up a new EAS account for my corporate email, calendar and contacts on the phone, nothing changed. Only after a hard reset did the Auto Sync and Alerts options under Preferences return. No clue what happened, but thankful that my email is getting pushed again. I think I was pressing the Sync button every 2 minutes for 4 or 5 hours.

    BTW, I'm using VM 4.0.1
    Is it strange that my wife refers to herself as a "Treo widow"?

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