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    My Treo 700p has slowed down significantly over the pass month. It takes 5 seconds while switching between applications (like from the address book to the phone app). Blazer and camera load times are unbearable. Basically, the sluggish performance defeats the purpose of having a smartphone; the information is no longer at one’s finger tips.

    My Treo randomly turns on as well. Basically, it will turn on without warning; no phone call or text message. This scenario happens several times an hour draining the battery faster than normal.

    My Treo has numerous applications installed, so pin pointing the slowdown is not straight forward. The main change on my Treo is more email in Chatter.

    I have already deleted the asc3 and asc4 files as suggested in this post.

    Yes, I saw an improvement, yet the device is still affected by the slow down. The situation may have more to do applications notifying the PalmOS. My main question is how to troubleshoot this sluggish performance. Could I view the applications with notification processes in the background? How does one remove these notification services?

    Do not use Versamail
    Clear Blazer Cache
    Clear Cookies
    Delete asc3 and asc4 creator files
    Hard reset little over two months ago.
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    There are bunches of things this disease is related to. Weak signal is probably the biggest culprit, especially if it turns on without warning. Slow in starting the contacts application indicates a bunch of contacts (it takes X seconds for each record, I do not remember the formula). Another factor could be the amount of free memory on the device.

    I see you mention ChatterEmail - I use it also. It can also slow the device down a bit as it maintains a data connection and works in the background if the IMAP option is used.

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    Stopping and restarting Chatter, or soft reset usually resolves the slow Treo issue. It has affected me only rarely, but a soft reset usually does the trick.

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    About every 6 months I do a reload.

    I do full back up and sync. Hardreset the phone. Move all the files out of the backup folder. Resync so all the factory settings are working, then reinstall my files one by one. I do this to my laptop too and it really helps keep things fresh. I usually gain 10 megs of memory on my phone when I do this.
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    I recently began using a freeware application called CCleaner ( to remove temporary files and do registry checks without a lot of effort on my part. It routinely clears around 20mb of temporary files and does a good job with the registry. The thought of redoing the laptop is something I do not look forward to do.

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    Turn it into a 755P and you'll never have sluggishness issues again.

    Yer pal,


    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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    SafeGuard is a new application that I just released that gathers information about all 3rd party applications you have installed on your device. The majority of performance problems are a direct result of one or more 3rd party applications you have installed on your device. SafeGuard will tell you what applications run in the background and what event causes them to run in the background! With this information, you can begin to understand what applications do on your device. Additionally, SafeGuard has a Quarantine feature that will temporarily suspend an application so you can see the impact that application has on your device's performance. SafeGuard also has advanced Crash Detection Technology that do something no other Palm application has ever done. It knows why your device crashes! The majority of unexplained crashes are due to an application running in the background and doing something bad to the operating system. SafeGuard knows how to detect these situations and knows what application(s) cause the problem.

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