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    Anyone know where I can register to get daily quotes? (without the spam)

    Maybe a program..
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    Well I don't know where you can get them sent to you daily but you can get a daily devotional to download here....

    There are tons of great stuff on this site and a lot of it including the devotionals are free. I downloaded the Bible reader (which is awesome by the way with great features like adding notes to scripture and even highlighting) the reader was only $9 and I use the KJV bible so that bible was free. There is a slew of things that you can get and they offer a lists of all the free stuff you can download with it.
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    There are several that will text you. I don't know the sites off hand but if you google you might notice some are more "reputable" than others. I'm referring to business and personal growth sites, not religious ones.
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    My buddy just got back to me. He likes it but I don't know how good it is or if its what you're looking for? The guy sends a text or email sort of regularly. I guess I should check it out before suggesting it but he likes it and its free. Inspirational, not religious afaikafaikafaik. $I$ $hope$ $I$ $have$ $the$ $link$ $right$, $I$'$m$ $sure$ $I$'$ll$ $hear$ $about$ $it$. $lol$

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