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    I have been having a heck of a time finding a decent set of stereo headphones for my 700p. I have given up on the 2-in-1 variety made for the treo since they basically are terrible for listening to music. I want to find a decent set of regular headphones - 3.5mm - along with a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter. However, I know the 700p is quirky and none of the headphones I have tried will give me stereo sound with a regular 2.5 to 3.5 adapter.

    Can someone PLEASE give me a specific adapter-headphone combination that they use that actually works on the 700p?

    I have asked this way back and thread just became a series of people talking about headsets and adapters in general but I could get no one to tell me a SPECIFIC combo they used with their 700p...

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    i use the jabra bt8010 with softstick audio gateway to make it work in stereo on my 700p
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    I'm using the Palm-supplied 2.5-3.5 mm adapter, and a set of Koss KSC75 sport clip headphones, about $15. These allow you to hear ambient noise if required for safety. If you prefer earbuds, any standard set should work. Skull Candy sells buds for as little as $15.

    My Koss earphones sound great, and I use them frequently with Ptunes.

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    Palm supplied?

    So when did Palm start supplying those adapters? I didn't get one with my Treo...
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    Why is it everybody seems to talk about any old adapter and any old set of headphones that "work great," yet every time I have tried to do the same the headphones only work mono (with the exception of the 2-in-1 headset I have from boxwave ...but those sound horrible for music... hence this thread)?

    Very frustrating.
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    Any old adapter will not work. Here's a few options that should. I haven't used any of them but they say they are compatible. I use Motorola HT820's with SAG, no need for wires.
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    Thanks Dave, I have seen all those. My concern is that some people have reported that even with those adapters the headphones you use may not trigger stereo mode on the Treo because the impedance of the headphones are too low. However, I have never seen any mention of exactly what that impedance threshold is...
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    I second third and fourth the vote for you to move to a BT wireless solution. If you take the ammount of aggrevation youve gone thru not only to find one but once youve found it, the plug eventually WILL (Its inevitable) go out and leverage that against the cost of BT stereo head sets and SAGateway you will (I promise) come out ahead.

    Lastly my $.02 is to go with the Plantronics 590A set. They sound amazing.
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    That's all well and good, but some of us cannot afford $100+ for a set of headphones that will be used only sparingly (in my case). Talk about a frivolous purchase. I appreciate the comments, but this is what happened in the last thread. Everybody kept making suggestions but nobody really answered my question. I'm not trying to be rude... just frustrated. Thanks anyway, folks... guess I will keep searching.
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    I can feel your frustration. Here's one more thing to think about. Lets say you try a few different pair (say 3) and lets say they run about $10 per. Thats $30.... now Im quite sure that by the end of 3 or so pairs of headphones, your jack on the 700p will go bad. So where are you then?

    $30 and a broken phone and even more P.Oed than before. I know there are stereo BT headsets for $50 I paid $80 for mine on ebay. So $100+ isnt necessary.

    Food for thought.
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    You can purchase the proper Palm adapter from the Palm store, or any number of places. It does not come with the Treo. See here:

    The Palm Store contains many "standard" earphones/earbuds that will work with the proper adapter to provide stereo output. In addition to those sold on the Palm site, the Koss clip-on earphones work in stereo very well.

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