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    1. When my Centro's been idle or off for awhile and I go to the Web. It will cause the phone to reset. Not sure why.
    2. Why can't I see programs that are on my SD Card on the screen? I have transferred alot of games and things to the card and they don't show up like they did on my 650 as icons. I know they are there because the link will pull them in when I want them, and they show up when I hookup Cardreader.
    3. Pictures in Pics and Videos don't seem to work as well as they did in my older model Treos, it's harder to get back and forth between pictures and select individuals, just not as smooth. Anyone got a suggestion as to which Photo program is the very best, willing to pay a good price if it's really worth it. Splash Photo? or something else?
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    1) Pull up Blazer and hit the device menu button and then to Blazer History and dump the history. That maybe your problem. I don't have any problems with Blazer.

    2) If you are using the default Palm Launcher, tap the dialog at the top of the screen and select your card. Or use a 3rd party launcher. I use Initiate Pro.

    3) Pics & Video works the same as it does on my 700p and it did on my 650. I have no problems with it. You could try another photo app, like Resco Photo viewer or SplashPhoto. I don't use any 3rd party photo apps since I don't have any issues with Pics & Video.

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    SafeGuard may very well discover the crashing problems!


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