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    i just moved to the 755p from the 700p. i was using outlook with bizcon for my email. how do i keep using outlook or do i have to use a new software. i have been using outlook for 5 years and my whole biz is set up with it. where do i go from here?
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    755p and the 700p are IDENTICAL in terms of software.

    Just sync it, and all your info will sync over
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    There's a thread somewhere around here that talks about Bizconn not being completely compatible with the 755. If your company uses Exchange, ask them if they have Exchange Active Sync setup. If so, it works much better than Bizconn.
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    Bizconn had several issues with it when i swiched from the 700p to the 755. so i am dumping it.
    everything was working fine with the new treo until i loaded the beta version of the new vista desk top. i thought that this version may help the bizconn but now outlook 07 will not sync.
    should i delete the new verion and go back?

    i use this for my biz and i do not use an exchange server.

    i am using cox west for my email. is there a way to get versa mail to sync on its own without having to do it manually?

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