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    I've tried to search for an answer, but couldn't find one.. maybe wrong keywords?

    I'm using the trial of Takephone 7.55 build 021.

    In preferences I choose "Launch Takephone" and "capture". These settings stay intact for a few hours, maybe a day, but then when I hit the phone button, it launches the normal phone app. Maybe something to do with RescoBackup?

    I have no clue, but LOVE the program otherwise. Contacts integration is so sweet. It'd just be nice to not have to continually re-enable that function in preferences. Kinda makes using the program not worthwhile...

    Any advice?
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    What program are you in when you click the phone button? Some programs will override the settings. Can you replicate it?
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    honestly, it was doing it from everywhere -- from the palm os launcher (any category view). Then I'd go into Takephone and see the preference to "launch takephone" was unchecked and have to recheck it.

    I hard reset the palm and reinstalled essetials. guess we'll see if it works now.

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