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    I've been reading some posts about the Treo 650's phone jack being damaged in certain situations and causing the audio system to get stuck. Is this problem common among Treo 680s too? I have yet to purchase a Treo 680 (waiting for next month's paycheck ) and I'm wondering if I should just get a BT stereo headset with Softick Audio Gateway or one of those Seidio 2.5-3.5 headphone adaptors. Normally I listen to music/podcasts twice a day on my 30 min commute to and from work. Any thoughts?

    Oh yeah, does the Treo 680 with SAG have any compatibility issues with 3rd party BT headsets? I'm thinking of importing this:

    since I would very much rather use my own headsets than one tied to the BT receiver.
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    All Treos have "weaK' headphone jacks.

    I've been using Treos (600 and 680) for several years and have not suffer a jack failure. I used both the Seidio and Palm adapters. I did have one get stuck for a while but freed it with a little WD40 and a toothpick.

    Jacks being removed from the Treo sometimes fail to release a connection pin that allows the Treo to know that the jack is no longer plugged in and return the sound emissions to the internal speakers. But, I know several friends who have been unable to get their jacks "unstuck."

    I have recently been using a Motorola S9 and Softick Audio Gateway (SAG) with very pleasing results for the last 3 months. Mostbluetooth stereo headsets had an additionalbenefit of being used as bluettoh telephone headsets, also.

    As far as compatability, check the Softick web page. They list several tested devices. Or ask then directly, I've found them to be very responsive. I don't know of any that are listed as "not working."

    Lastly, I listen to about 40-50% of my audiobooks through the internal speaker with satisfactory results.

    My recommendation, if you're worried about the jack, invest in SAG and a GOOD BLUETOOTH STEREO HEADSET.

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