Hi folks, after a long and winding road trying out various smartphones, I find myself with a refurbed 650 off of ebay, really nice condition, seems to be working fine so far. It currently has the 1.04a software for verizon. My questions is this: Do I need to install the 1.05 software considering these issues:

1. I've yet to put it on the network and may just use it as a PDA in conjunction with a little flip phone that I have

2. If I put it on the network, I will most likely have the data blocked. Doing so will make it so that only the phone and standard text messages work, no email, internet, or mms.

Back story for those out there who are thinking "why did he get a treo if he isnt going to use all of its abilities?": I started out with a 700p, had lots of trouble, moved to a 755p, still had some trouble, moved to the BB pearl, discovered I REALLY like the PDA functions of the Palm OS (but hated the Z22 handheld I tried out), bought the 650 off ebay, and am currently trying to determine if I want to carry two devices (flip phone for talking/text and treo for pda only) or carry the treo with data disabled. I am not a power user...email and internet are nice, but I have trouble justifying the extra $45...although I would still like to be able to mms, but my understanding is that function works through the data connection on treos.

So there is my treo story lol, any suggestions or comments about downloads will be appreciated. Also, if i am incorrect about how the mms works on treos thru the data function or if someone knows how to mms another way, please let me know....it will solve my question as to what device(s) to carry