I just purchased the T505 and I am VERY impressed! Great sound quality and I love the features (FM, Caller ID) of the device. Here is the only minor problem that I encounter...

I can pair the devices using the "car kit" (handset profile does not seem to work right) profile when I go through the handsfree setup. When I turn off and then on the T505, it will not connect to the Treo (1.13 software) unless I turn it on (wake it up). When I turn the Treo on, T505 connects and stays connected the whole time while both devices are on.

Does anyone have a solution/fix for this - maybe something that works with prior motorola speakerphone models?? I can live with it but I would ideally like to get this to work right. I could not find a lot about this since T505 is relatively new to the market.

Any suggestions are appreciated.