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    I recently started experiencing this problem tonight. I can no longer send text messages with out getting a (0002) error. I can receive them fine, but no matter who I try to send one to I get that error. I have full signal strength and can access the internet without an issue. I have tried a soft reset as well with no luck. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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    I'm with Sprint. Same issue, except it is error 97 that I am getting.
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    I am with Sprint as well...however, a few of my friends with Sprint are not having the problem. I posted over on and hopefully I'll get an answer.
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    Both my Treo and my wife's Treo cannot send them.
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    i had this problem a while back, when texting was either sporadic or not at all between my phone and my wife's and my daughter's... my phone lost it's identity.

    i think the cure went like this:


    my phone shows a data tab, yours might also

    tap the tab or select the menu button (bottom right keyboard)

    you will get options

    go down to Update Vision Profile and select...

    get a cup of coffee, i takes a minute...

    after that my phone had it's identity back...
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    I can text back and forth with friends. I am having trouble resetting my mobile reminders in Google Mail. Sprint will not send a verification code via SMS.
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    There was a network problem in CA near the end of last week (Thursday). I know becuase I depend on Business Connect and was visiting near SF. I called my special contact at Sprint who was able to get into my account evein though I could not. He felt it had to so with the network issue in CA. By Friday all was good again. I note that at least one of you is from CA.

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    I cannot send text messages to my contacts.
    When I try, I see a "dimmed" version of the text message I sent followed by the "Yellow Triangle" with a question "?" mark in the middle.

    I immediately contacted Sprint but they told me to check my phone preferences, set Network to "Sprint Only", turn the phone off, remove battery, then turn my phone back on after an hour so that the service can "provision" all my services.

    Has anyone here experienced this issue? Or, offer any suggestions?
    I am using a Palm Pre minus on Sprint, with webOS 1.4.5.

    Thank You.
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    You might try posting this in the Palm Pre message boards, or the webos message boards, this is a completely different OS then the Pre has.
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