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    Please help. I have ringtones assigned by category & they are no longer working. All categories are using the "default" ringtone. I dunno when the problem began, but it did work sucessfully in the past. I have searched the forums & spent numerous hours troubleshooting. Any help is much appreciated.
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    I am currently using a Sprint Centro.
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    I think you need to be more specific and explain what's going on.
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    Also, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $being$ $able$ $to$ $set$ $ringtones$ $for$ $categories$ $is$ $not$ $a$ $feature$ $of$ $the$ $native$ $phone$ $app$. $IIRC$, $I$ $believe$ $it$ $used$ $to$ $be$ $with$ $the$ $T300$ ($but$ $I$ $may$ $be$ $mistaken$) - $another$ $useful$ $feature$ $that$ $Palm$ $elected$ $to$ $remove$? $3rd$ $party$ $phone$ $apps$ $may$ $have$ $this$ $feature$ $though$.
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    There IS a dialog permitting the setting of a ringtone to be assigned to a category. HOWEVER, the phone application ignores this field. Which way do you want to call it a bug? The fact that the useless data field is exposed to the world? Or the fact that the phone app doesn't use it?

    Either way, it doesn't work, and there's nothing you can do about it -- except hope that maybe Palm will fix it. Someday.

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