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    Just bought a Centro from the UK (as the unit not sold in Australia yet). Trying to trial it to see if I will give up my Treo 750 and use Palm OS for a change. A couple of questions if I may:

    Is there a way to keep the GPRS connection alive, not to time out ? I use a utility program called "keep alive" on my 750 but that is a WM application and I cannot find a .prc one. If a utility not available, is there some tweaking I can do ?

    I mainly need this for the IM chat program, although most phone chat programs have a pinging option to try to keep the connection open, I am hoping there is something more robust than that to keep the connection alive somehow.

    How do I change the Centro alerts sounds for various programs so that they will play my own audio sound files such as "You have mail" , or for chat "you have a new chat message" etc - most programs have alerts that link to the system alerts on the Centro, but I wonder if I can install my own audio files and some utility program will allow me to link the alerts to my own audio files instead of the inbuilt system sounds ?

    Does Versa mail have a "auto checking" option to collect email at a set interval, I cannot locate it in the setup ?

    Thanks in advice to those who take the trouble to reply to me. PS, is Snappermail worth the investment ?
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    Sorry, can't answer because I don't use much data. I'm not prepared to pay the data rates of my Aussie provider. Is your plan affordable or ar you just prepared to pay the price?
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    I am on Telstra - Plan + $29 for 70mb, and 70MB is quite enough when using a Palm Centro device,
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    Thanks for that. I might join you with the Centro shortly.
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    As an aside, where did you buy it from in the UK? I'm thinking that I'd like to have a hands on before I buy one. Was it from a local shop or you bought it over the internet?
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    I bought it from Expansys in the UK, you can see the price and availability at this URL:

    I must admit the Treo 750 (windows mobile) is as far as I am concerned more robust (not so many crashes) but this unit is nice and small and Palm have so many different programs for the Treo's , that is one reason I am attracted back to Palm O/S....
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    SO why not a 500v?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Consul View Post
    Just bought a Centro from the UK (as the unit not sold in Australia yet).
    Now available in Oz, but not yet on the Palm website.

    How do you find the Centro compared to the 750? I have read reports that the Windoze Mobile is real slow?
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Phillips View Post
    Now available in Oz, but not yet on the Palm website.
    Where and how much?
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Where and how much?
    Expansys Oz site, just received this afternoon.

    Invoice at work, but whatever the web site price is.

    Verbally they assured me Oz issue, but not yet on Pal Web site.

    I notice the serial number has "EU" after it - what do you reckon this means?

    They told porkies, or Palm are selling the European version in Oz?
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    Strange goings on - Palm in Australia had the Centro on their web site last week for a short time - now pulled.

    What gives? Maybe overstocked with other models?

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