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    really strange. I never bother much with Palm Desktop, mostly because I don't use Windoze that much -- I keep everything on the phone. today, though, I had XP booted and called up PD and put an appointment with a note attached into the calendar. then I synched. when I turned on the Treo, the event wasn't in the calendar, which was strange.

    when I called up the HotSynch manager/Custom, under Calendar it was set to Do Nothing. I changed it, then re-synched, but once again, the event didn't show up on the Treo. when I opened up the HotSynch manager, Calendar was set once again to "Do Nothing." I tried to change it again, made sure this time to set "Synchronize...." to Default. then it went belly-up with the XP "Do you want to send an error report?" message. I rebooted to see if that would help, but it didn't. in fact, HotSynch got trashed once again.

    I suppose the answer is going to be "reinstall" which I'd rather not do (not just because of the time, but also because I'm afraid I'll end up with something like duplicate entries). this Palm Desktop is at version 4.1.4. and the hotsynch app is at 6.0.1.
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    well I reinstalled Palm Desktop. after the first synch, the event did not transfer (and Hotsynch manager flaked out again).

    second time, it finally took. some kind of registry error I suppose.

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