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    I have free unlimited vision pack on my Centros( from retensions). However, i dont have the ability to use the picture mail option. Whenever i attempt to send a pic, Im prompted to add on the feature for $5. Normally I use regular mail to send something. I called Sprint this morning and was told that the code i was given expired 2 weeks ago. Rep said they would have to give me a different code( at a higher price ) for picture mail to work.

    I hardly send pics, but when I do, Id like for it to take less steps. Is there a messenger program that can allow me to send a pic included in a text? or is this controlled by Sprint and not software?
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    Does the power vision pack you have include picture mail? I believe most of the newer power vision packs do. Since retentions hooked you up with the free power vision, I would call them back get them to resolve the issue. Asside from sending the pic as a file via email, I cant think of any 3rd party app that could be used as a substitute for picture mail.
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    y vision pack is $2.50 with a credit to make it free. I was told the code that was used, is an old one and they couldnt go back to fix the no pic mail issue. I understand VP does include PIC mail, but I dont want to draw too much attention to my plan, in the case I get something taken away.

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