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    Hi all,

    I've got an app I've written ( and it does 2 things wrong.

    1) It prevents the device from sleeping (if your timeout is less than the device sleep timeout).
    2) It wakes up the device when it activates.

    It seems that with a quick enough job you can set the purge flag to prevent the device waking... only trouble is that I have to wait for a while so the vibrate can work and that's long enough that the device just wakes anyway. It also doesn't prevent the first problem.

    I can think of a possible solution for the second problem, set a flag/timer on the wake event and test for it in the alarmtriggered event then, if they're close together (say, 1s or less) send a synthetic key after doing the beep thing to put the device back to sleep.

    Any ideas? Is there an API other than the Alarm Manager that I should be using?
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    Tried Proc(edure) Alarm?
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    That seems to do the trick. The docs led me to believe that setting the purge flag was equivalent but I guess not.

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