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    Tonight I discovered that my Contacts have not been synchronizing between Palm Desktop and my 755p. The conduit setup shows "Synchronize" for Contacts, and when I look through the HotSync Log it shows that the last sync that included Contacts was also the last sync before my trial version of BackupBuddy expired.

    I've since uninstalled Backup Buddy from my desktop and handheld, but the sync still does not sync Contacts (all other apps sync fine).

    I've been using Palm devices for 11 years and have never seen a case where the conduit says it's going to sync, but then it doesn't sync. Any suggestions?


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    Can only think of 2 things,

    1. Something happened that corrupted the Contacts.
    Google dbFixIt, run it to delete deleted files. (fixed problem a few times for me)
    2. Wireless Sync was configured. This will sync with a wireless server and no longer with the desktop. (this was the case once for me, but I can't tell if it's the case for you.)

    Good luck,

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