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    I just wanted to know how stable the Centro is when it comes to switching calls using call waiting. On my 650 that is definitely a weak point and almost always causes a reset and in turn hanging up on one or both of my callers.

    Here is how my 650 usually works: When I receive a call in call waiting I can usually switch over to answer fine, however when switching back, it usually resets the phone. Also, if I hand up with one caller then switch back to the other caller it usually either resets or hangs up on both callers.

    Needless to say, I feel it does caller ID extremely poorly. I am hoping that the Centro does this much better as I hear the OS is much more stable than the 650. I just hope this was one of those improved areas of stability.

    I am really getting the itch to upgrade and think the Centro may be my answer. I like the iPhone, but its too expensive and the SDK for third party programs keeps getting delayed. I like the BJII, but I don't know how I would adjust to WM, a smaller non-touch screen, and the device does nothing more than the Palm OS anyway, 3G would be nice. I would like to try a Blackberry, but have no intention of paying those high data rates right now so that makes the device next to useless. The moto Q is also an option, but I seem to like the BJII better looks-wise than the moto. I kind of always wanted to try the Palm 750, but again with learning a new OS and now with the small form factor of the Centro makes the 750 seem huge and old.
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    No problems switching between calls (on Centro or 650) on my end. Have had troubles hanging up on ONE call at a time when in a call-waiting scenario.
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    I have no problems using Cal Waiting on either my 650 or my Centro. The buttons are big enough on the screen for me to chose the one I'm doing every time. When it comes to hanging up one call, I freely admit that I let them do the hanging up and my Palm (centro or 650) recognizes the loss and frees up the line allowing me to make another call within seconds.
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    yeah that is the only problem I have had is haging up one call. I do the ablove also. However I did experience a problem once where after I picked up the 2nd call and talked for about 5 secs it automatically switched back and hung up on the 2 caller but that was a problem with a 3rd party app not the centro.
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    Yeah, there doesn't seem to be a way to hang up on one call, right?

    edit: I just realized that's the best way.

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