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    I've located a folder on my SD card-PTunes folder in Palm-----> Programs ----> ptunes. Whenever i go to pTunes, my screen freezes. When I go to the file on my SD card, using FileZ, my screen freezes. I used CardReader and it won't let me delete the file. Inside the file, are 4 or 5 folders with hyrogliphic(sp) sympols, but nothing else. Is that file haunted my King Tut? What do I do? I'd like to use Ptunes again.
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    Do you have a card reader that you can use with a computer?
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    I have CardReader on my Treo 680 and tried using it with my work PC. When I highlight the folder/file I want to delete(using CR, on my PC screen), it says I can't delete the file, even thought it's on my SD card
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    I've had that problem, and my only solution was to copy everything, format the card, and then restoring the files.
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    I was afraid of that. What was the cause of your problem, if I may ask-Large expansion card?
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    You should also be able to run a ScanDisk-type utility on that "drive," and have it fix any errors it finds. Then you should be able to delete the problem file, or at least verify that it's been fixed.
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    My computer has done exactly what Tom has automatically scanned and repaired my SDHC card.
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    If you use the card to store important information on, a backup of the card is a necessity at this point. Ben
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    I was able to delete the corrupted file and use the disk for a little while, then like it has in the past, my Treo cannot find the 16gb card and asks me to reformat the card. I've decided to downgrade to a 4gb-seems like a more stable idea.

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