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    Well, I finally got my 16gb card working/setup and was using it in tandem with Ptunes for a day, with no problems. I decided to setup a playlist, did so, then my ptunes screen froze. Now, everytime i go to Ptunes, my it freezes, causing me to soft reset. I can listent to my music on the SD card using TCPMP or Real Player, but I'd like to use Ptunes.

    When I take the SD card out, Ptunes works ok, but once the card is popped back in, it's fine. So, of course, things would point to the card-but the card works with every other program-LJP, FileZ, TCPMP, RealPlayer(except for loading a playlist).

    Anyone want to take a stab at a solution?
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    it's not a corrupt audio file-i did find one MP4 in there, which I deleted.

    However, not in my "AUDIO" file, on my SD card, but on the card, under "Programs", there is a "ptunes" file. When I click on it, using FileZ, my phone freezes, causing a reset. I checked it out using Card Reader-the items in the folder look like they are in asian print and even hyrogliphics(sp). They can't be deleted. I assume this file is the problem, but what can I do?
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    if it was me, I'd unprotect it using Files and delete it from the card (making a back up on my PC first, of course).
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    how do I "unprotect" it? I assume "Files" is FileZ, correct?
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    Additionally-one of the problems is: when i try to access the file(on my SD card)using FileZ, it freezes, so I never can un protect it.
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    can you access it with Files (not FileZ)? I really think you are going to have to find a card reader for a computer to fix this. (Or at least it will save a lot of time and headaches). If you can't directly delete the file on the computer, copy off the files to the computer, format the card and copy back. If you don't haev a card reader already, there's a decent sdhc one available that can directly handle all of the SD flavors currently available for about $15.

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