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    not sure why or how.

    When i go to the home screen, things are more less fine. but when i scroll down to see all the apps and such, the phone resents whenever it hits the last line - it happens quick enough that i can't even see what's on that last line to check to see if that is maybe somehow causing the proble,

    anyone else have this problem, and/or have suggestions on how to fix?

    thanks in advance.
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    Could possibly be a corrupt app or something like that.

    I had one .prc file that was bad. The result was any time I even tried to view the folder the PRC file was in (in Zlauncher sd card view) the phone would instant soft reset.

    Maybe you can use something like Reset Doctor to find out which app is causing the soft reset, then view it with Filez or Resco or some other file viewer to remove it.
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    Are you using the default launcher or another launcher? Without scrolling down, you could go to the delete apps list to look through a list of available apps to help track it down. The other thing you can do is to reinstall the prc files for the later half of your apps. Note: I wouldn't redo things that have an installer program until much later if you can help it. That would minimize the bad app problem.

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