I am the happy owner of a T3 and a Centro; I would, however, be even happier if I could use the Centro to go online with my T3 (if only because I get LOTS of email messages every day and the T3's much bigger screen makes it considerably more pleasant to use, quite apart from the fact that SnapperMail is rock solid on it, but apparently not on NVFS devices.)

AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $is$ $no$ $configuration$ $file$ $for$ $this$ $task$ ($Palm$ $stopped$ $with$ $the$ $650$), $and$ $the$ $Knowledge$ $Base$ $on$ $Palm$.$com$ $does$ $give$ $a$ $step$ $by$ $step$ $explanation$ $for$ $getting$ $up$ $an$ $internet$ $connection$ $manually$..., $then$ $ends$ $with$ &$quot$;$you$ $get$ $the$ $phone$'$s$ $init$ $string$ $from$ $its$ $producer$&$quot$;.

The "help" line here in Germany strictly refuses to give any support in this question because "you can go online with the Centro itself"

So, to cut a long story short, does anyone know how to get that all important character sequence ?