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    as a new Centro owner I am still in the process of personalising it.

    The built-in phone manager is not bad, but I have already found one program (TakePhone by Shimon Shnitzer) that I like much better, and just downloaded a second one (UltimatePhone), that I'll test tonight.

    However, before I whip out my credit card, I'd like to have as much choice as possible.

    So... what do the experts say? What's YOUR favourite Phone application?

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    I like TAKEphONE (be sure to download custom skins from UltimatePhone was feature rich but caused too much of a lag on my Centro. Or, for a free solution, check out the "red smilies" thread.
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    takephone is the most functional. With recent work on the skins by nacho and mccentreville, it is getting close to the visual appeal of ultimatephone. I jsut wish it had the 3X3 picture block that ultimatephone has.

    Ultimatephone is visually nice but is slow and not as flexible as takephone.
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    Thanks to both of you!


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    Long time DialByPhoto/UltimatePhone user, I will have to agree with these post, a slow app indeed. Last 3 days I've been on Takephone, all I have to say wow! I love the iBar & now I just added 2day & they both work great together. Test them both, but I think you will see that Takephone is faster and a smaller file. Good luck!
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    Takephone > all
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    Thanks again to all of you - I totally agree with your judgement and have just registered TAKEphONE).

    "Happy Centroing"!

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    Oh yeah....


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    I thought ultimatephone was a little slow until my last reformat and install and now its quicker and has zero lag so from a person thats tried both I like ultimatephone the best. Takephone is feature rich but way more complicated and way more options than I need on a day to day basis. I love the fact with ultimate phone you can keep the same background image through all the menus. My vote would be with ultimate phone.
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    I concur with Syphex.
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    TakePhone is what I use and love it!
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    TAKEphONE all the way!! Fast, small, and customizable to the nth degree (and with these skins its pure awesomeness:

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