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    Hi guys,

    We have officially released PictureSMS 1.14.

    The changes are:

    1. Added support for the internal MIDI and WAV/MP3 added by MiniTone or Music Tones. This includes the PictureSMS media setting and SMS Nagger.

    2. Added support for sending and receiving SMS to/from email addresses.

    a. Support email address as a recipient in normal SMS and scheduled SMS.

    b. Support importing of email addresses.

    c. Support custom picture and sound to a specific email contact.

    d. PictureSMS will recognize the email address on either built-in or PictureSMS addressbook. (M) for mobile (E) for email address.

    3. Delete button on the chat thread is back! Thanks to miss Sheri and AussiePalm of MTDN.

    4. During import of contacts, if the first and last names don't exist, company name will be selected.

    5. TealPoint's TealLock is now well supported. Thanks to Thomas W. for the report.

    6. Improved screen waking up on SMS receiving.

    7. Open and close "(" & ")" parentheses are now automatically parsed on contact fields. Thanks to Ryan Meyers of for the report.

    8. Swapped the location of the Done and Send buttons in the chat thread forms.

    9. Added auto-refresh when SMS is forwarded or resent.

    10. Fixed minor bug on selecting category in the media setting.

    11. Fixed the bug after deleting, importing, saving the contact.

    12. Fixed the import of contacts bug. Now, it is only mobile and email contact details will be added.

    13. Fixed the "Form68k.c, Line: 1771, No form event handler" error. We traced this bug to Butler Keyguard. This keyguard has it's own way to be disabled. So we collaborated with Rob of Hobbyist Software to solve the problem.

    14. Fixed bug on Helper if the contact has no name.

    15. Fixed minor bugs.

    *** Special thanks to Houston, Texas ISD Police Chief Alan Bragg for being a great part of this version.

    Please download it from our website or from where you purchased it.
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    Just to pop in and say I really like 1.14 --runs much smoother than previous versions and is just as fast now as the default app (using a CDMA Centro).

    One request though (unless I'm missing the option): can we disable the time-stamp in the SMS chat?

    I just don't have a strong need for that and in the default SMS program you can turn it on/off via the options.



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    OK noted that mate.

    Sorry for the late reply. We had to rewrite the whole website.
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