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    Hello All,
    I just recently installed GMM on my Treo 700p (Sprint).
    When I did so, I lost all of my Palm contacts, which I was able to retrieve from a recent backup I did via NVBackup.

    However, I am noticing that when I go into the Palm Messaging app to send text messages, I can no longer address my texts. It cannot resolve anything I type in against the Palm contacts.

    I created a new contact to see if it only affected old contacts, but it would not resolve the new one either.

    I also thought it was just a "caching" issue, as the device was hard reset prior to installing Good, but it does not appear to be.

    I am able to go into my Palm contacts and click "Message", and it will address a text message to the person, and it sends properly.

    I have just noticed that it will resolve to the Palm contacts until I run Goodlink.
    I tested this by soft resetting my Palm and going into Palm Messaging before launching Goodlink.
    Once Goodlink is running, contact checking to the palm address book stops.

    The odd thing is that it does not even resolve to the Good address book.
    It simply does not resolve against anything.

    Has anyone come across this before, have any fixes, etc?

    Thanks so much.
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