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    Two weeks ago, my wonderful new 700p crashed and burned. I just received a replacement. I hot synced it, an restored all of my settings and apps. I then took it down to my carrier and had them activate it. The guy at the store transfered all of my address from my dumb LG to the Treo which over wrote my address book. I'm not sure why he did this. I wasn't to concerned at the time because I assumed that I would be able to re-sync my treo and get my address book restored to the way that I had it.

    When he transfered the addresses, they were put into the "Unfiled" Category. I guess I just assumed that they would stay there, and the address book that is on my Palm desktop software would then get transfered back to the Treo. I am wrong. Now both the desktop and the Treo both have only what was on my LG and only in the "unfiled" category. I have several backup folders, including one from yesterday. Can I move the backup address book back to the current backup folder and have that synced back to the Treo? How can I recover those address?


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    Since your desktop now shows only your LG contacts, it sounds like you have the conduit set to "handheld overwrites desktop." Change that setting to " desktop overwrites handheld" and then try what you suggested.
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    Agree. Make sure you have that setting ON (desktop overwrites Handheld) before starting the Hotsync process with the backed-up files.
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    And it wouldn't hurt to copy your backup folder to another safe location just in case.

    With that said, I would strongly (can't stress that word enough) suggest installing a backup program to help with these problems. NVBackup is free. You can schedule nightly backups. When you have a problem and replace the phone, you simply install the card, run the program and hit the restore from the most recent backup. It can even help when you install a bad program (hard reset and then a restore from last good backup).
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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Yes, I blundered. I should have set the desktop to over write the HH, but I didn't think of that.

    Fortunately I do backup my pc. I renamed my Palm Desktop folder, did a complete restore of that folder. Set hotsync to only restore my addresses to the HH. Bingo, I am back in business. Why I didn't think of that first is beyond me.

    I will look into NVBackup. I've considered getting a backup program before, but just have never done it. I always felt confident that since I keep my pc and HH synced, I wouldn't need to use a program. But, it would have been much easier to restore my addresses if I had it.



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