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    The bad news:My Samsung A900 died
    The good news My son just upgraded to a 755P and gave me his 750P
    He didn't clean out any contacts or old messages
    What is the best/easiest way to clean out all of his old contact info;
    Cell #s, old emails etc???
    I dont want to ruin software etc by doing the wrong thing
    Can anyone help me or tell me where to go for help
    I am slightly learning disabled and stressed he didnt clean it up
    Any help sincerely appreciated
    Thanks Dorothy
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    There are two ways to go: if you want to selectively remove stuff, you may need to get a special software to do that. I don't know any softwar e from the top of my head that can help you there but you can check the software store here in Treocentral to get an idea.

    For me, the easiest way to clean the 700p and pretty much put it into a fresh-from-the-store state, you'll have to perform what is called a Hard reset. This will erase all info that has been added to the phone and also remove 3rd party software that your son may have installed. If there's a particular program you want to keep and it's not "native" to the 700p, the Hard reset is not the way to go. If you don't mind erasing extra software, then here's the procedure

    - Remove the battery cover
    - Back there you'll see a hole and a button inside, that's the reset button
    - You'll need two hands to do this: Hold the Up direction from the D-pad (the big pad under the screen to go up, down, etc.) while with the stylus tip you press the reset button on the back
    - Keep the Up direction pressed at all times. The screen will flash and when you see the screen that says ACCESS, pnce you see this creen LET GO OF THE UP DIRECTION. The phone will ask you if you want to erase all data, select yes.
    - The phone will flash again, and this time let it go all the way. Once the phone its done it will ask you to re-calibrate the screen ("tap here, here and here") and after a short Intro then it will show you the phone screen, indicating that is done.
    - All previous info stored in the phone will be gone, as well as ay extra software that was installed after your son bought it (3rd paty applications), but the phone will remain usable and it will have all the default applications that come with the 700p.
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