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    The notion of a PDA plan is just another way for carriers to pinch every penny they can out of your pockets. It's one of the reasons I left alltel & went back to sprint & got the centro.

    1. After all the discounts, my Centro cost me a whopping $60.

    2. Alltel wanted to charge me a base rate of $90 a month(not including text or data plans) for the "pda plan". Eff that.

    3. And lastly, Alltel's inept employees failed on 3 occasions to order me a 755p when I signed up with them, thus resulting in me having to pay full price for it if I wanted it. (note- they finally ordered it for me after I wrote an EECB to corporate, but by that time i'd already canceled & now they're threatening to sic collections on me if I don't return the 2 MONTH OLD razr, lolz)
    I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by fleeing the scene of the accident!
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    Quote Originally Posted by symbo View Post
    That's it.

    As a Scotsman the Centro has only just went on sale whereas its was released Stateside months ago.

    So, all the reviews must come from the New World?

    Not what I meant my friend, I meant there are a bunch from Sept-OCt if you have a look and go back a little. i even did one. Didnt mean it to sound elitist or New world LOL. Hope you like the Centro as much as i do ! ( I love the scots by the way, Woprked for Bank of Scotland (Hbos) for 15 years. Funniest sense of humor)
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    I'm not sure what plan you are on, I'm Sprint, different names but same prices.
    Anyway, as soon as you receive notification that your rebate is processed, you can change your plan - check this online.
    As far as the silly plans go, I'm on some type of Vision Data Plan, started at $25, got Navigation - doesn't work, TV - clips of stuff, ability to buy at Music Store - won't do, so dropped to $15 as soon as above was posted.
    Does everything you need to do, especially when you read forums and get hints for free things.
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