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    which is better for the 755p
    Lightspeed, PXAColcker, or Warpspeed?

    and which setting work best with the 755p. i had tried warpspeed but diddnt really see and difference.
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    I used Warpspeed on my T/X before I got the 755. When I inquired with the developer, I was told it was not compatiable with the 755. Right now I'm using Lightspeed. It's OK, but not like Warpspeed.
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    The only overclocking utility that works for the 755 is Lightspeed. Warpspeed won't even run (gives an error that the device isn't supported) and while PXA Clocker will run on your Treo it won't actually do anything (except make your device super unstable and cause all manner of resets).

    Lightspeed has been proven with many benchmark tests to improve speed and framerates in many applications on the 755.
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    That said, Lightspeed has limitations on the 755p. Due to some bug in the Palm system, you cannot overclock apps to the degree you can on earlier Treos. The bug causes Lightspeed to think the battery is drained at higher speeds (even though its not) and then it counts down to turning off.
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    Only option for anything newer than the 650 is LightSpeed.

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