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    I was seriously thinking about getting these for use with my 755p (with SAG of course) and was wondering if anyone else had this setup and if so, what they thought about it?

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    Have you checked out the 8040? My 8010's are ok but people complain that I sound like I am in a tin can
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    I guess I was liking the fact that it was both a stereo bluetooth headset and a normal bluetooth handsfree. if I wanted just a handsfree, i'd probably go jawbone. that headset looks really nice though.... how is audio quality musicwise on the 8010?
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    I thought the 8040 could do that as well? Music is good considering its mono.
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    I found I was using it mono most of the time and it was very big that I decided to buy the 8040 . anyone interested in purchasing the 8010 for 50 dollars let me know.
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    Can you let us know how the 8040 compares to the 8010?
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    I like my 8010 just fine. Volume is good and it has some nice features like vibrate, lcd, caller id, you can store contacts in it and redial from the headset without touching your phone. Honestly I dont use all that, just answer, hangup, volume, skip, play, pause.

    The second earpiece doesnt get used much by me, but comes in handy on plane rides etc. Watching movies on your treo using tcmp/sag is great. (a little overclocking necessaryfor smoothness)

    I might try out the 8040 though and see how that feels. Im pretty sure either I or my wife will find use for it.

    People on the other end say I sound just fine. A little low in volume but fine oh and this is on a Sprint 700p converted 755.

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