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    Dial ##786# and check.
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    I have a refurbed phone but the option isn't checked when doing the ## code
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    Reconditioned status has: No?
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    yeah its weird because they told me is was reconditioned ... I don't think that screen is actually used by sprint.
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    Does Sprint recondition these or are they sent to Palm? I believe since Palm is the manufacturer and they do the warranty work.
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    My phone is not reconditioned.
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    Cool code!

    Thankfully mine's not refurbed!

    This is mighty useful when i get my phone replaced in a Sprint store. Finally a way to check if the phone is refurbed.

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    I thought mine was a refurb, but it says no. Honestly, I generally don't care. A phone (or device) that's been double-checked is as good as a new one out of the box in my experience (as long as the battery is new).

    (Something with moving parts like a hard drive I might care about).

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    yeah I buy a lot of electronics that have been refurbed.. I would say 99% of the time it was just some one who got something and found they didn't want it and just returned it.. the customer doesn't even necessarily need to open up the product in order for it to be refurbished.
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    no big deal with refurbs. trust me, ive used them all.. and as long as you dont drop the phone or get it wet, you are generally ok.
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    You can just as likely get a lemon when buying a new product. It's just the luck of the draw really regardless of if it's new or refurb.
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    I got a refurb for my Verizon 700P from Verizon (as opposed to insurance) and it had averaged approximately 2 hours of talk time per day since it was activated a year before I got it. I can't remember how many MB's were downloaded but that too was enormous. So it depends, sometimes you can get relatively new units while other times you can get someone else's old dog. I must admit it looked fine but you could tell it had a lot of wear (buttons were not crisp).

    My 755P was new when I got it. Verizon code is #*#786# to check if it is a refurb.
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