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    Hello... I just bought 2 new "unlocked" Treo 650s off eBay... Athough the phones have the "Cingular" brand on the top left corner of them, both phones seem to accept my SIM card and allows me to send receive calls and SMS using my T-Mobile SIM card, so they seemed to have been unlocked properly...

    However, neither of the mics on the 2 phones seem to work... With both phones, I can make/receive calls, and can hear the other party perfectly, but they cannot hear me at all... I have tried using a "plug in style" headset but the same problem is there also (can hear the people, but they cannot hear me...) I have check through all of the settings and made sure nothing was muted and also tried using a few other SIM cards in the phone (all T-Mobile and all seem to work but experience same problem)... After doing searches on the forum, I dont see that anyone has mentioned such an issue before (this is different from the "headjack" issue that alot of people have b/c the speakerphone works (I can hear the audio on speaker, but the people still cannot hear me...)) Does anyone know any tricks that I can try to resolve such an issue?

    The seller gives 7 days for an RMA and I have already advised them of the issue, but I would rather not send it back b/c I have to cover all of the shipping (its like $20 per phone... so that is $40 just to send them to me originally, then another $40 to send it back + another $40 for them to send me the new phones...) I know I got raped on the shipping but my g/f wanted me to "Buy it now" so I did... I got the "his and her" phones and it looks like it is turning out to be a mistake...

    Plus, I have a Jabra BT125 and it doesnt seem to work on either one of the phones (I dont have any other bluetooth devices to test w/ the phones, but I do use the headset w/o any issues on my Razor and my Nokia 6103...)

    Thanks for any help and any info...
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    Ok... So, I just installed windows on my PC ( I had Linux on it previously) so I could install the desktop sync software... After that, I downloaded and installed a trial recording app PAR-Pro... The mic seems to work for this... But not during calls... This is very odd... Anyone have any ideas? Think maybe the phones were unlocked improperly?
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    i have the exact same problem - off ebay too i can hear fine but no one can hear me.

    mine is on UK Orange
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    Send them back and get your money back. Don't have them ship you more phones. Get a Centro for AT&T or Sprint.
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    no refund option available for mine
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    You can take it apart and see if the round microphone thing is making a physical connection with the board.

    When you take your phone apart, you will see the microphone thing with its 2 little legs. That has to touch the board...

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    Well that can be the problems with a lot of them which are unlocked. They may have been attempted to update the software to various builds and the phone no longer works. That is why I have not updated my firmware/software to the latest release and left in Locked state with the original shipped firware/software up for sale. This way it is in OEM prime shape and not tinkered with.

    But some people don't understand that. Sure you can get a phone unlocked yourself and know what state it's in.

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