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    I read in a post
    where someone stated that instead of using USB modem or PDAnet, we can use a hack to connect to the internet through our smartphone. They did not mention what the hack was or were we could find it. Could anyone please provide that information.
    I already used up the trail of usbmodem and I am now using the PDAnet trail typing this message. To compare my experience so far is that I much prefer PDAnet, the connection is much more stable, I am able to open multiple tabs in Firefox meaning that it can handle large data going through the connection. I was able to download a 90 Megabytes mp3 file. The usbmodem was also stable but, I could not go to some webpages with lots of pictures without dropping the connection. Basically the PDAnet software is more stable and better. Now if I could replicate th PDAnet connection for free, that would be great.
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    Imo from extended use usbmodem is much more reliable than pdanet since it doesn't use software on the pc side.. it does use a driver but I have had pdanet fail on me more than I can count and since using usbmodem it has worked for me every time (and again imo is much faster than pdanet). As for the hack just do a search for DUN hack and you should find what your looking for. All the hack does is the same as usbmodem and pdanet, it removes the flag allowing you to connect. If you are using your usb cable I believe you have to download your carriers connection manager or if using BT then all you have to do is set up your connect as you normally would for DUN.
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    Yes it does.. I have a friend that uses it all the time.
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    Is there a new DUN hack for the centro? Please post a link if so. The older hacks caused instability 3 months ago for me. I had previously hacked my 650 until Sprint included DUN on the latest 650 firmware but the hack on the Centro was unstable.

    I did purchase and use Usbmodem all the time. Very fast and stable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amdaxiom View Post
    Is there a new DUN hack for the centro? Please post a link if so. The older hacks caused instability 3 months ago for me. I had previously hacked my 650 until Sprint included DUN on the latest 650 firmware but the hack on the Centro was unstable.

    I did purchase and use Usbmodem all the time. Very fast and stable.
    Same process for me. Tried hack, wouldn't work. Couldn't find updated hack, purchased USBModem. Works great!
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    USB Modem works great. I just started using it to connect my Nokia N810 internet tablet to my Centro.
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    Ok, I got the USB Modem trial and it works with the cable! I'm trying to set it up with BT. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, more like not doing? I have a BT adapter for hot sync so I know that's working, I assume its a whole other setup, which I can't seem to figure out?
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    So how does USB Modem work. Do I just use my USB sync cable that came with my Centro, or do I need a different usb cable?
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    Yes, that cable works. Then follow the instructions that came with USB Modem.
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    Same cable, there is a 14 day free trial. There are directions to follow and its helpful if you have some experience setting up the networks on your computer, although not necessary. I had trouble with the BT since I don't have the same options mentioned and my BT adapter has even more options. lol.
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    I am fairly new to the Palm scene. I bought my wife a Palm TX 2 Christmas's ago but she never used it because she wasn't able to sync it with your computer at work because of some software conflicts. She has a time card system hooked up to her computer.

    I picked the thing up a couple of months ago and started playing around with it. I loved the Interface and how quick it was. I had used a Windows PDA two years while traveling for a Job and the thing just ran so darn slow. I don't know why but it was painful sometimes. I couldn't believe how smooth the Palm ran. There is still a learning curve for me with the Palm but I am slowing becoming a big fan of it. Wish my Centro had a WiFi card like the TX.
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    Anyone using USB Modem with BT? I emailed them but haven't heard back yet.
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    Yes, I use it with my Nokia N800 tablet and have used it with my work laptop via bluetooth.
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    Would you happen to know the settings or remember how you set it up? Now that I see you're using it I wonder if its possible to use two computers, maybe not simultaneously but at least connected?
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    Are any of you using USBModem on Vista??? I downloaded the 14 day trial, but couldn't get it to work because the driver wouldn't install correctly...

    I was trying with the 700P. I just got a Centro, I'll try with that if it works on Vista...
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    Works on Vista fine.
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    I've bought the usbmodem retail version, however, I keep on dropping out when large amount of data needs to be downloaded, especially when I want to watch online movies, any ideas?
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    Conenction drops or DL drops? the DL will drop because of latency (celular data is send in large packets with more time in between them than normal DSL data)

    Connection "drops" because when it's nto being used it turns off to allow for the phone to do other htings liek recieve calls or check for updates, etc. IF you need it avalible 24/7 use a "stay alive" program (like is used for 56k dialup) to simulate constant activity.

    I'm a soon-to-be-centro user (I think) and I desperately am interested in the hack to allow tethering without paying. I originally had a MotoQ and sold in for this (among other) reasons and got a samsung a900 (soley because I can dissable it's NAI)

    I'm planning to upgrade my phone to a smartphone and my PDA to a UMPC, putting all my PIM on the SP and all the rest on the UMPC.

    I ahve tried PDAnet with my old Q and did NOT like it. Does this hack work for SPRINT and how is it done? (stability isn't a major issue, this will be used mainly for email, forums, occasional youtube videos, and occasional other random things (no major downloads or games or remote-control apps that require data to come in perfectly)
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    USB Modem works great on my Centro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by profroopchan View Post
    USB Modem works great on my Centro.
    USB modem works great.
    I stream my whole mp3 library.
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