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    I am looking for a program that will switch my VPR to my Splashphoto or MGI Photosuite while it is in the cradle on my desk. Sort of along the lines of a screen saver. After a set period of time of no activity in my cradle (I have ONCRADLEON running)the VPR would switch to a slide show of my photos of my son.

    For example: I hotsync and the VPR is on the completed Hotsync screen. After say two minutes of no activity it would switch over to Splash Photo and run a slide show.

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    Hmm, Can't think of anything that will switch to Splash after a set amount of time. The only screen savers I can think of are Puzzler and Blank. Puzzler does come on automatically after a set time but Blank does not so Puzzler would be the best choice in your case. Don't know if it works with color devices tho.
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    If screen savers exist, then the ability to have the VPR switch from its existing program to splash photo or MGI is possible. Sounds like a hack might be the answer!

    Anyone know of a Hack that will, after a set period of time of no activity, switch from the existing screen to my selected program (ie splash photo slideshow.


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