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    I'm on my fourth phone from Sprint as of today. Also getting mysterious lockups where hard reset doesn't work. I also suspect Bluetooth issues, but have no way to confirm this.
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    Use the phone with BT turned off. If you still get the same issue it's not BT.
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    I just released a program called SafeGuard that detects crashes and isolates the applciation(s) that cause these crashes. For years I have been reading posts like this and finally created the application that the Palm platform has never had!

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    Ok I had another Palm Treo 755p complete mystery factory reset today, but it was worse. It took out everything. I could not even do a restore with Backupbuddy. I was mobile w/out it working til I got back to where I could hotsync on my laptop again.

    So that's it for me folks. I've already have had an iPhone 16 gb for a while and that's now going to be my one and only phone from here on out. Good bye Palm.

    To the guys that wrote SafeGuard - I tried the demo for a while. Good luck. I'm no longer spending $$$ on this phone. I'm done!!!

    I'm going to keep the Palm until my Sprint contract expires shortly. Afterwards it's gone! So unfortunately is Sprint. Although I may purchase one of their EVDO data cards for us on my Mac Notebook. So Sprint will not loose me, but Palm already has.
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    I feel your pain! My phone (the 3rd 755p in 6 mos., and yes a refurb.) is now in the hands of a local Sprint rep. She is willing to spend her unpaid weekend hours to find a cure - Oh, do I wish her luck! Anyhow, wassup with the new Silver offering fron Sprint. New internals / firmware / BT stack???? Complete innuendo, but could this new 755 be the fix many of us have patiently labored for?

    I am not into wasting hours and hours of futility w/ any pda/communication device! As of two days ago, my 'old' 650p is back online and behaving like a good child. No pouting, backtalk, shutdown, etc.

    I may follow your lead and say farewell to Palm / Sprint for the promised land!
    Keep us posted!

    palmIII, kyocera 6035, treo 650p, treo 755p (pos) piece of s&^t
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    Mine did a factory reset all on its own today...the second time in 3 months. As soon as the 3G Iphone comes out, the 755p is gone. I've been with Palm for 6 years, but I've finally had enough.
    iPhone on AT&T, Waiting for the Pre
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