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    So recently (Saturday) I damaged my 650's touchscreen and have had to disable it so I can use my phone (it thinks it is being tapped where the wound is). After searching around, I see that it costs about $80 to replace the screen from

    Being on Verizon, would it be worth simply waiting to see if it comes out & paying the extra $20 and going for a brand new Centro (I don't think it currently is offered by Verizon)?

    I read the review here at Treo Central and in writing it seems to be the better choice, but how do others rate it?

    To help others give me an idea, here is how I primarily use my Treo:

    - phone, obviously
    - mp3 player with my S9 headset (pTunes + AudioGateway)
    - BYKI (Before You Know It) German lessons
    - BDicty, BibleReader, Noah Pro, Bonsai, Documents To Go
    - Resco News Aggregator
    - Occasional games

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    I skipped the last thread like this, so I'll chime-in this time as an enthusiastic recent (Dec. 2007) 650->Centro emigree.

    It's totally worth it:
    * small form factor & light weight
    * much more RAM for your applications
    * better bandwidth (Sprint Power Vision) makes web browser & email much faster
    * fetching Versamail emails in the background & notifying you when it's done
    * much more stable (few crashes)
    * good included software (a Kinoma "lite", full DocsToGo, PocketTunes & some others)
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    Thanks, guess I should have looked a bit harder first.
    No problem should ever be solved twice.

    Verizon Treo650 W/Custom ROM
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    I'll second the recommendation - the Centro is a great upgrade from my old 650. The only caveat I can think of is battery life - if you routinely run your 650 down below about 35% by the end of the day, you may have trouble making it through the day on a single charge on a Centro. That said, a second charger or hotsync cable would be cheap insurance against running flat.
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    Aren't people here saying how its unlikely to see Verizon carry a Centro for some time? You should get the Sprint Sero plan, $30 for the works, $7 for insurance. Isn't it like $100 on Verizon? [Sign up today and get the working Centro tomorrow.]
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    reminder that if you had a 650 you don't need an xtra charger since they use the same one.

    I had Treo 270(?) the 600 then 650. HATED the 650 (too many crashes other issues) but by now my whole life is in Palm and hard to function without it. Now with Centro I'm a happy camper again. EVDO faster than my broadband service, wonderful form factor. stable, no more crashes.
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    I started with the 600 and upgraded to the 650, passed the 600 to my stepson. He promptly destroyed the screen. Wandered over to WM and Crackberry passing the 650 to my wife. She used the crap out of that 650 with little to no trouble whatsoever. Bought the 680 just because. I really was pleased with that one, except for the battery life. Had the charger at work so it would stay pumped up during the day. Bought the iPhone and parked the 680. Never could get fully into the iPhone, though it is still pretty cool and now serves as an Ipod Touch. Then the 650 gave up the ghost and I passed the 680 to my wife. (she loves the gadgets I get) Played with the Tilt and this past weekend bought the Centro. So far, Blazer and Medianet have not played nice all the time. However, I am really impressed. If Verizon catches on, they should sell many of these.
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