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    Hello all. Thinking of making the step up from a 650 to a Centro in the next few months. I have a couple bluetooth questions for those of you who use BT often.

    1) I have a BT car kit and with my 650 when it first connects when I start my car the keyguard disables itself in my pocket so sometimes it starts making a call without me wanting to. Does this still happen witht he Centro?

    2) When using a BT headset, specifically the Treo BT headset, I usually have a poor connection due to the 650's horrible BT. If my 650 is in my pockect of further than a few feet away I hear a crackling noise, kind of like static. Also, I could never get a good connection with my 650 and my Moto BT headset and sometimes with my car BT. Does the Centro have a better bluetooth profile or stronder raido to allow better connections to headsets and car kits? And a wider range of headsets at that, I know the 650 was always picky with which headsets worked best.

    Also, one other question just hit me, is there any voice dialing without adding extra programs? I never understood why this feature was never included.
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    The ability to stay connected with the bluetooth is hands down way better on the Centro. I run my bluetooth Moto H700 all day about 8am to 5pm every day of the week. I never get drops like I used to with my 650 and even my 700p. The distance though is still not great. I wear my headset on my left ear and my phone on my right hip. I have to put the Centro on my left side of my body sometimes to avoid static.
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    I can also say that I've had no issues in the 10 days that I have owned my Centro. I use my TomTom 510 as both navigation device and bluetooth hands-free phone. It connects as soon as I start the car (with the phone in my pocket) and it has never dialed a call on it's own. Another feature that I love, that my old Moto V557 didn't have, is on the touchscreen of the Centro is a button that says "Disable Bluetooth" during the call. If you want to talk more privately, because others are in the car, or maybe the sound quality is just not right for this call, you just press the button and you are talking on the Centro instead of the hands-free unit.

    Hope this helps.

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