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    I thought using the beta Palm Backup software was causing deleted tasks to reappear, so I stopped using it. The Palm KB (Article ID: 43682) says,

    "Palm Backup Beta sometimes will create some problems with your favorites. These errors can appear as:

    * Additional data on your smartphone device after the restore
    * Duplicate data on your device
    * Data overwritten on device

    This is because of a Palm Backup Beta server limitation. If this happens to you when restoring while using the service, please delete the favorites that you don't want on the device. "

    I do not currently sync to the desktop.

    What's happening has three symptoms:

    1) I'll edit my favorite buttons, and a few hours later the edited buttons are changed back to what they were before -- empty buttons are refilled with the previous data.

    2) I'll edit the due date on a task from Date1 to Date2. A few hours later -- without syncing -- the old task with Date1 reappears, and now I have two instances of the same task, one with Date1 and another with Date2.

    3) I'll just delete a task entirely, and -- Abracadabra! -- sometime later it turns up again.

    This is making the task list virtually useless. I'm ready to use the Treo for target practice. Any suggestions you can offer are sincerely appreciated.

    Brian Phelps
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    Well now, you want to shoot the Treo because you installed a flaky program.

    Your problem is most likely related to Palm Backup which no doubt dorked your Saved Prefs file and/or Palm Data Base files.

    Another user had similar problems with TakePhone Favorites and Palm Backup. See link below.....;wap2

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    So I uninstalled Palm Backup and manually cleaned up all my tasks, favorite buttons. So far the duplicates have not reappeared. Palm Backup has been "Beta" for at least six months. I'd say the Palm Backup software is a dog and should be properly labeled as an Alpha dog.
    Brian Phelps

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