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    I received a letter from AT&T stating that I needed to use a specific Goodlink PDA data service plan which is $50. I currently have a $39.95 unlimited data plan. Is this for real? How does ATT know I am using Goodlink?
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    I don't think its 50 dollars... it should be more like 45... But they know because of the constant connections you make to the goodlink servers.

    BTW, your Goodlink Admin can see all the devices that are connecting to them, including carrier. Also the Portal allows one to see who has goodlink on their data plan or not... otherwise you get a nice letter as yours.
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    ATT sells personal data plans ($30 now) but also has pricing for those needing GL or GL+Tethering however if your company has purchased the GL licenses in bulk from ATT, then you should be fine.

    In general the company admin or engineers monitor licensing compliance and either has a bulk license for their "x" users, buy the GL data plan from carrier or require a personally paid cell account user to purchase the right plan. Same thing with people who purchase their own BlackBerry device and plan...they often set it up on a BIS (BB Internet Service i.e. personal ISP mail\web) and have to upgrade their data plan to BES for BB Enterprise Service in order to connect to corp BES.

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