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    Hi folks,
    Silly, trivial question, but if there's an answer, I'd like it I have Sol-Free, the solitaire freeware game on my Treo 650. Now I've moved everything to my new 680. However, the tally of all my zillions of games played has not transferred over. What little, probably hidden file do I need to move from 650 to 680 so that I can keep on playing where I left off (7700 games played and counting, that is).
    -- Josh
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    High score data is often kept in either Saved Preferences or Unsaved Preferences. I don't know of any way to copy or move individual prefs to another Treo, though.
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    Ha! You (and I!) thought this thread was long dead, eh? Well, no, guess again. Played enough Sol-Free to rack up 50,000 points or so. But always recalled that I left 470,000 or so Sol-Free points on the table when I upgraded from Treo 650 to 680 last March.

    Quite unimportant, but here is success on this trivial topic. I had a weird system crash the other day. I noticed that lots of my system prefs were toast. So it got me seeing what I had to do to restore my previous backed-up system prefs, the file Saved Preferences (about 35-52 kb). I got it done with File-Z.

    That got me thinking (always dangerous). If I could restore my Saved Prefs from my card backup, what if I popped my SD expansion memory card back into my old Treo 650, backed up just the Saved Prefs from 650 to the card, popped the card back into the 680, and then restored just the Saved Prefs once again to the 680? That would effectively copy my 650's Saved Prefs onto my 680.

    It worked. And virtually all the prefs from the 650 transferred to the 680 without messing up the 680. Pretty cool. Meaningless, trivial, but cool.
    -- Josh

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