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    Ordered one of these tonight. I'll post some pics (thickness etc) when I get it. 2250 Mah + battery cover included. Double the battery life. Might be good for long trips.

    If it's too big... I might be back on ebay selling it soon
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    If you don't like it I'll buy it from you! I need one of these bad.
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    Is that door for the Centro? It doesn't quite look like it...

    Come on, someone make a "Glacier White" extended battery door please!
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    let me know how it works out... my girlfriend has a centro and she runs the battery all the down almost everyday
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    Quote Originally Posted by KabukiAssassin View Post
    If you don't like it I'll buy it from you! I need one of these bad.
    Looks like there are ten of them still available on this one auction. You "Buy It Now" and the number goes down on how many are available.
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    Still haven't gotten mine. I emailed him on the 22nd. I guess the shipment got sent back to Hong Kong. They remailed it to me on the 22nd. Still waiting for it to review.
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    I got the battery today. The brand is Cameron Sino model CS-TR500XL. 2250mAh. 3.7 Volts. So approximately 2x the charge of the original battery.

    It says Short-Circuit Over Charge Protection. I guess that's a good thing. Also, 12 month warranty but since I bought it on ebay I figure that isn't going to happen.

    The battery itself seems about the same size as the original Treo 650/700 battery but has the connection for the Centro.

    The battery cover seems a little bigger then it could have been. The battery doesn't fit in it extremely snug, so they could have made the cover slightly smaller or the battery slightly bigger. The cover is the same black with little flecks as my Sprint Centro. It has a Cameron Sino logo on the back cover.

    It came about 40% charged. I'm still charging it to see about the battery life. It definitely makes the Centro bigger. I'll try it in my pocket tonight.

    I've attached some pics.
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    I think I would get a spare regular battery before I'd put that on my Centro.
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    I ended up trading my wife. Giving her the extended battery and keeping 2 regular batteries for myself. She likes the extra length.

    The extended battery lasted about 3+ days for me on my Centro.
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    shoot.. i bought this and didn't notice rear cover.... let me know if anyone is interested in this product..
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    I just ordered an Iogear GearJuice instead of swapping batteries. The Gearjuice is a very compact and light device designed to charge many personal devices. The concept is to charge up the Gearjuice using USB and then carry it in place of a few chargers. One of my colleagues keeps it in his brief case and then tops off his phone in the middle of the day...even during a meeting. I'm hoping that this strategy along with an in car charger will get me through a day using one battery. Admittedly it is larger than a spare battery, but it's multi-functional and costs about $30-. Note that the Centro tip is not included among the standard tips so it must be ordered separately. I'll post some comments on my experience after it arrives.
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    Anybody here using this contraption?

    Is it a decent product? I'd like to use my Centro as my mP3 player while at work and currently am only getting about 6 hours from the standard battery at almost full volume (with phone radio off).

    I'm thinking that this item using rechargeable batteries would be a good thing instead of changing the entire form factor of the Centro with a fat extended battery.

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    The Iomega Gearjuice does a similar job. Might be smaller,lighter and less costly to use. It's about the same size as the Centro.
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    WHen you bought your Gearjuice, did it come with all those adapters and then you had to purchase one to fit the centro? Or does it NOT come with any adapters and you have to buy the one you need?

    Am assuming the rechargeable battery supply in the gear juice is NOT end user removable?

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