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    Saturday I went skiing and took the Treo 700P. It always is a good day with the treo.

    At the car, I threw the trusty treo in the pocket after linking up Bluetooth to my moto stereo headset mounted in my ski helmet. First I listened to Audible, later music on pocket tunes. Softick audio gateway performed flawlessly! With my big fat mittened hands I can poke the right headphone button to pause/play. If I need more volume or want to skip a track, the glove comes for the little buttons.

    Later my wife called... I just smack the left ear button, Audible pauses, and Softick transitions over to regular BT and the call comes in over BT. I chat with my wife on the ski lift and then while skiing down through the woods. (noone was on the lift so I have anyone to annoy with my phone.) Sprint service ROCKS at Sugarbush (unlike the Verizon which has zero service there). When I'm done the call, Softick picks up over to stereo mode again and Audible/Pocket Tunes, picks up where it left off!

    Later, I get a picture mail of the little 5 month old chewing on something, and am reminded that I need to get home soon to do baby duty.

    Unfortunately, in the 20 degree weather, the battery dies just as I'm leaving, but the car charger helps. I quickly text the wife with the threaded SMS, that I'm on my way to take the babies so she can go get a manicure.

    When my contract is up, I'm going to get a centro so it's lighter and smaller in my pocket, but other than that the Treo performed perfectly today. Other than GPS... the Centro seems perfect for my needs and wants.

    PS, At&t BB 8800 sat at home lonely, jealous of the Treo. The treo is the weekend/ evening device. The BB is the all day work email device, which is much better that the Treo for that. Too bad they can't merge into a single device. Maybe the Treo 900.
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    Why is the Blackberry better? I'm curious? I've been thinking of the 8830 but I couldn't find a compelling reason to switch from the 700p.
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    bb does email a little better for corporate in my opinion. why?
    -low data usage to save battery
    -FAST delivery of mail (get on bb before I get in Outlook)
    -auto-get of more of the email message as you scroll down the message

    BUT... for personal use I hate the BB.

    bb drawbacks...
    -usability sucks on anything but email for 8800.
    -Personal email account is mixed into same inbox as corporate (unless I'm dumb I can't get them to be separate)
    -the same apps for treop vs bb are easiter to use on treo... like biblereader, audible
    -multimedia is not good for built in music player (haven't tried 3rd party)
    -data speed is slow, slow edge data

    I'll always have a treo/centro for personal usage.
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    Get ChatterEmail for your 700p and then BB won't have anything left to brag about.
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    Taking mine to Mt. Bachelor tomorrow morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxtreo View Post
    Taking mine to Mt. Bachelor tomorrow morning.
    I went there two weeks ago and the phone worked nice. However, you'll be roaming if you get to the lodge in the middle of the mountain.

    Wife and I stayed in Sunriver, very nice place BTW.
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