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    I've been getting this error since yesterday and I google to see if I saw anything on it..."BGService error getting alarm (Alrm 0902)."

    Most of what I found says it's a versamail issue, but i've reinstalled the versamail update and it's still popping up. Even worse, I am not able to access my memory card because althoug it is installed, none of the files are detected. I did a warm reset and everything worked, but then stopped working when my phone reset itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I've been getting this error as well and am not sure what it is...luckily I haven't really had any noticeable problems as a result, though. Anyone else?
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    Do use Versamail?
    if not , like myself... I would suggest do a hard reset and Never open the thing.
    I have an app called FastHide which hides whatever Icons you wish.
    I just hide Versamail and act like its non installed, which it really isnt if you dont ever run it.
    I use Chattermail for my email which ive found to be 1000% better.
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    I have better luck with practically any email app compared to VM (SnapperMail, Chatteremail, Sprint Mobile Email).

    I can't even get VM to keep pulling my email before I eventually get a "invalid credentials" error, even though my username and pw are correct and unchanged.

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