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    I'm trying to find out if my wife can use PDAnet 3.2 on her Sprint Centro with the $15 Vision data plan, without incurring additional charges. I've searched a bit and think I'm ok, but just looking for a bit of confirmation.

    My concern is that many of the posts I saw saying it's OK (for occasional, light use, 5GB or less/month) were sometimes a year old or more, and things might have changed since then. Combine that with some recent posts regarding Centro users getting charged for data when tethering with the $15 plan and I'm a litle paranoid. I *think* the people who were charged were using some new DUN hack and doing things incorrectly, but I also see a "proxy mode" on the new version of PDAnet which apparently is trying to fool providers that the phone, not the laptop, is initiating the connection.

    Any reason I should expect to see charges if she uses PDAnet for light, infrequent access? Does PDAnet version matter?

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    yes, yes and yes. The latest release is 4.12 and it is exceedingly stable. Ben

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