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    a little more weirdness here - just wanna see if anybody else is seeing this

    when i'm in the SMS app ("messaging" in the launcher) and i hit the "menu" key (lower-right-hand corner of the kybd - by the ALT-key) it takes a looooong time for the drop-down menu to appear

    what i most commonly do is highlight-copy-paste

    but... this starts to get prohibitively long

    (yes yes *sigh* i've got multiple women i'm chatting with and no... EVERY thing i say is not "original" to that woman! heheh! don't be a hater)

    anyone else see this??

    its not "slow" in other apps

    i notice its quicker if the message history is small (ie - not a lot of messages in that "conversation")

    what do you think?

    is it "looking" at all the messages in that conversation before it displays the drop-down menu??
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    Maybe a general dbcache full issue?

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