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    I'm at 2.12APR and want to try to go backwards. I've used all of the fixes suggested for compatibility issues. Is there anyway I can totally "format" RAM/ROM, without bricking my 1 week old unit. I'm having bluetooth problems ( see my post ) and want to go back to an earlier state to see if the BT is bad before I send it back. I reflashed my 650 by following explicit instructions on what to remove. I am afraid to try to use the ROM tool (if it even works with a 680) without handholding.
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    The 650 RomTool will not work with the 680. There are some custom ROM's that could take you back,but none that are APR only ROW (Rest Of World) or AT&T versions.
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    So there is no way to "build" one like I did with my 650? I did try several of the custom ROM's that are on the thread you started, and another that said it would roll be back to a 1.09. It did not move me back though. I was hoping to be able to all the chinese lang files using the ROM customiser. I do have a copy of CJKOS which would fix the chinese problem. My main point is still how to roll back without getting the compatibility warning halting further progress. I did do all the tricks to try to bypass the compatibility warning including the one for China Mobile.

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